Earth2Earth committed to changing our environment for the better

Committed to changing our environment for the better


The latest product to be certified by Cré to be 100% compostable in Irish facilities is a compostable bag from leading supplier to Irish commercial kitchens, earth2earth.  earth2earth is a brand of Thorn Environmental Ltd one of the largest and most innovative producers of refuse sacks, bin-liners and packaging films in Ireland.

Myles Thorn, Thorn Environmental spoke to us about what this certification means to his business.  ‘We are committed to changing our environment for the better and are delighted to have recently had our food waste bags certified by Cré as 100% compostable in Ireland.’

What motivated you to seek Cré Certification?

We are leaders in innovation within our industry.  We created a special ‘Bag and Bin’ system for the food industry, the compostable bags having a lifting weight of 20kg making them a welcome addition to any commercial kitchen.  We believe in offering a quality product and the addition of the Cré symbol will only add to the value of this product.  We are a member of Cré, and I think they are amazing in what they do.  We have all the usual certifications but wanted to hold this specific Irish certificate that proves our claim that our product is 100% compostable in Irish waste facilities.

How has certification benefited your organisation? 

We truly believe in this scheme and what it is trying to achieve.  It is important to us to provide the product our customer wants; this is a perfect example – a bag that is proved to be compostable in Ireland.  We supply directly to commercial food users such as hotels, bars, and restaurants and this is a product they want.  As the biggest in the market we offer a high-quality product and this certification adds to the prestige.

There is increased demand for compostable packaging, not only in Ireland, but worldwide.  We have opened another factory in Malaysia to deal with the demand and help with our expansion.  We have been a keen advocate for sustainable packaging over many years and are proud to be driving change in our industry.  There is more change and more demand coming and we are now ready for that.

How was the certification process for you?

It was very straightforward for us.  The staff in Cré could not have been more helpful at each step of the way.  They were always available to assist when necessary and were incredibly positive throughout the whole experience.

Why an Irish certification?

There are unique factors in Irish facilities.  Our blends work well, we know that but there are other international packaging and various symbols which cause confusion.  Our materials will compost, we were confident on that but having the proof that certification brings gives reassurance to all stakeholders.  Plus, our brand is an Irish one, our European headquarters is in Ireland, so it made so much sense to have the Irish certification.

Any other business benefits in having Cré certification?  

Yes, having the Cré symbol will be of great benefit when it comes to our sales efforts. We are also already planning on getting further products certified, we have many other practical solutions for the food industry which are compostable, such as gloves.  It makes sense to use materials for such applications whenever possible, returning packaging back to soil is sustainable and the right option.

Would you recommend that other organisations seek certification for their packaging?

Absolutely, without hesitation.  I think it will become a necessity as more and more products are certified.  It will be demanded by customers as the consumers realise what this symbol means to them and our environment.  It will give comfort and reassurance.

We would like to thank Myles for his time and contribution in helping us promote Cré certification and wish him continued success with his business.